The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts opened on October 4, 1999 as a university museum with particular focus on artistic materials. For over 120 years since establishment of the Tokyo Fine Arts School (present day Tokyo University of the Arts) in 1887, the museum has developed a collection of works serving as visual references in art education.


The Main Gallery of The University Art Museum

The Main Gallery of The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts is designed by Rokkaku Kijyo. It received Architecture and Landscape Award by the Taito City. The large black columns with spiral designs, glass chairs and a spiral staircase connecting the entrance with galleries are some of the beautiful features of the building. The charming building with delicate details and fine materials greets visitors.

Various trees on campus

Although located at the center of Tokyo, the University has a campus filled with green. Various trees on campus please our five senses throughout the four seasons, including: Acanthus plants, seen also in the university logo; Gioiko, rare cherry trees that change their blossom colors from light green to red; and an impressive 300 years old Chinquapin.

Admission fees

※Fees are subject to change for each exhibition.


10 minutes from Ueno Station by JR Line or Nezu Station by Chiyoda Subway Line.
15 minutes from Ueno Station by Ginza, Hibiya Subway Line or Keisei Ueno Station by Keisei Line.

* No parking in the museum.

The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts


  • [Opening Hours]

    10:00 - 17:00
    ※The Museum does not have a permanent exhibition. It is open only during exhibition periods.

  • [Closed]

    Please see the list of exhibitions and events in advance of your visit, as closed days and admission fees vary from exhibition to exhibition.

  • 12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo

  • +81-50-5541-8600(central)

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  • Established:1999

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